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So we just started here at WordPress.  We’re still figuring out the ins and the outs, so bear with us as we do.  In fact, we’re previous bloggers. Circumstances caused us to abandon that one.  We won’t abandon this one.

The first post is coming soon.  We promise.  And it will be good and it will be pretty.  For honest.


In lieu of a real post with real recipes, here’s a few ideas, not all of them good, that we’ve had for leftovers:

– Turkey sandwiches on homemade buttermilk bread, with homemade mayonnaise, a lettuce leaf, white meat, Maldon salt and homemade cranberry sauce.

– Peanut butter and cranberry sauce sandwich.

– Roasted garlic mashed potato cakes

– Eat the left over refrigerated gravy right out of the jar.

-Turkey stock (onions, carrots, herbs,salt, whole peppercorns, carcass, water)

– Gnaw on the bones (but don’t choke.)

– Put your face into a whole punkin pie.  Breathe it in.  Try not to clog your nostrils.

– Get fat.

Eat, drink and be merry.  I mean it.


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